SKU/UPC Inventory Pricing

SKU/UPC Inventory Pricing with VIS

We can provide scanned inventories for virtually any symbology or bar code format that you have. Our state of the art hardware and software is designed to accurately and efficiently perform your inventory in the way that you need it to be done. From data gathering to auditing to reporting, every aspect of the inventory has been carefully designed to ensure that your inventory is counted to your satisfaction.
Our system engineers will work with your technical staff and store management to evaluate your needs and design a solution that satisfies your requirements. Our scanned inventories provide the maximum level of accuracy and our internal processes are designed to make sure every item is accounted for.


Our scanners and calculators are the industries finest. They employ wireless connectivity allowing our auditors to perform at their peak efficiency. Validation against your item master is used to lookup price and description freeing up our auditors to only be concerned with counting your product. Wireless harvesters are used to gather count information on the floor so that auditors need not leave their areas, further increasing their productivity.


The latest generation of inventory control software is employed that allows for multiple methods of viewing your inventory information. From area, location, shelf, and down to the individual SKU, your data is presented in a clear and concise manner. Individual audit trails provide item by item reporting of SKU, department, shelf, location, and area. Comparisons against previous inventory values in absolute dollars, quantity and percentage differences are integrated into many of the reports.

​​​​​​​Summary reporting covers all level of detail, from area and location to department and overall totals. Our onsite generation of reports provide store personnel with the tools they need to be sure that our counts and coverage are to their satisfaction. At the end of the inventory we provide your data in any format and media that you need to be able to integrate it back into your system. We also archive all of your inventory data and reports on our secure site which is available to our customers at any time.

Our unique approach and in-house technical staff can handle all of your needs. We can decode locally generated random weight barcodes, provide automated CRV calculations, provide both retail and cost values, validate against PLU tables and much much more. Contact our technical staff to discuss your unique inventory situation and your will be pleasantly surprised when you discover what we can do for you.

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