Technology used by CIS


Taking inventory is our business! So when it comes to what systems we are compatible with, take a look at the list! We're ready to serve all of your inventory needs. Valley Inventory Service covers a wide range of technologies to meet your inventory needs. We are compatible with the following back office systems: SSCS, CSS, AM-COM, Micosoft RMS, QuickBooks, The Store Works.
Our staff of auditors regularly attend training at SSCS’s facility and are always abreast of the latest technology used by SSCS customers, be it a local installation or a SunRay site, our expertise with SSCS is second to none. Our personal relationship with Compatible Software Systems (CSS) is invaluable in solving any issues with your CSS installation and ensures that your CSS inventory will be accurate and timely. Other back office systems which allow 3rd party inventories are covered by our fully programmable TITAN 4000 calculator and accompanying software. With this system we are able to import your price book from virtually any format (Excel, CSV, quickbooks, delimited or text file) and export back to your back office.


In addition, VIS we offer a secure FTP site for our customers. Archived inventory data as well as the ability to upload your item master are available. Please contact one of our friendly staff to get your account today. Download a windows friendly FTP client here.

The Data Computer 2.0

In addition to our regular financial inventory program, we have developed a full range of SKU inventory counting capabilities. These capabilities include; SKU cycle counting, SKU wall-to-wall inventories, and capital assets inventories. Your inventory is scanned, collected, and verified, then delivered in a format specified by you, so that it is instantly usable by your computer and/or inventory applications. We also handle custom programming for your inventory application at no additional cost to you.

The technology utilized by Valley Inventory also extends to our client's end. When your reports are complete, you will be allotted a secure login information to download your reports directly off the web. It is this sort of technlology in addition to our emphasis on quality and service that gives Valley Inventory Service a one up on our competition.
We invite you to experience the excellence in professionalism and performance that is Valley Inventory Service. Call us today. You'll be glad you did.

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