Valley Inventory Services

An Overview of Valley's Services

An Overview of Valley's Services

VIS provides inventory services to various types of businesses nationwide. With our highly skilled workforce and timely inventory technologies, Valley Inventory efficiently and accurately conducts inventory audits for your company. Our success over the years has been achieved through total commitment from our personnel, and through the value we place on customer service. As a Valley Inventory Service customer you are the beneficiary of our "We Care" attitude, which translates into efficient and timely handling of all your inventory program requirements and scheduling needs.

Accuracy, Quality, & Economy

A quality inventory program is provided through our trained inventory specialists conducting fast, accurate and fully verifiable inventories to your exact specifications. We conduct thousands of inventories every year, both large and small, and each client is treated with the same unwavering dedication hat has been a hallmark of VIS since the beginning. We're proud of our clientele.

Thousands of successful businesses have been conducting inventories with us for 30 years. We offer a unique combination of the latest equipment, professional audit staff, and regional flexibility. This combination enables us to provide you with an excellent inventory program now and in the future.

At Valley Inventory Service , consistency over time is the true measure of value. We encourage you to explore the links on the left side of your screen to learn more about the Services offered by VIS.