The Valley Inventory Service Team


VIS has been in operation since 1970, and in that time we have grown to become one of the largest professional inventory services in California. Valley conducts over 12,000 inventory audits per year in the state of California alone, and we boast a combined staff of over 300 inventory auditors.

Our auditors are highly trained in inventory practices, and due to the large volume of business conducted by Valley Inventory Services, we have developed an extremely seasoned and experienced staff of auditors.
Valley Inventory Service's success over the years has been achieved through total commitment from our personnel, and through the value we place on customer service. As a Valley Inventory Service customer you are the beneficiary of our "we care" attitude, which translates into efficient and timely handling of all your inventory program requirements and scheduling needs.

A Staff of Professionals Trained to the Highest Standards

Valley Inventory Service has vast experience in counting a wide range of merchandise including liquor, grocery, pharmacy, hardware, variety, stationery, health foods, dry goods, and beyond.

We are capable of auditing any size of business, from the basic convenience store chain to the vast home improvement center. Our personnel are equipped with the very latest in data collectors, which enable us to count your inventory in a highly efficient manner.

Valley has a large, strong, and stable customer base that is growing each year. We were here yesterday, we are here today, and will be here tomorrow to serve your inventory needs.
At Valley Inventory Service, consistency over time is the true measure of value. We invite you to experiencing excellence in professionalism and performance that is Valley Inventory Service. Contact us today, you'll be glad you did.

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